No more writing test scripts where automated tests are involved.

UI Inspector is an easy to use tool to create automated tests, run it and generate outputs to enhance your web application.

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The best automation tool to perform functional testing.

You can use UI Inspector to perform testing without written scripts. It has features that allow you to schedule a time to run the tests each day and notify you every time we complete a test run.

Easy Automation Set Up

Build, automate and run tests easily and quickly. Now, it is very simple, easy and quicker to create strong and efficient automated tests that does not involve building long lines of codes or writing test scripts. Within a couple of minutes create and integrate the tests. You can also monitor the tests and scale the performance of the tests at any time.

Multiple Regression Testing

Multiple testing to ensure a clean and clear test performance and execution.

UI Inspector will perform rigorous testing to know how the tests perform. This is done by analyzing how the tests execute, how long it takes to load and how long it waits in executing one step to the next. Then, it will figure out the errors and the causes for the tests to slow down. The regression testing will be done not once but several times to make sure the tool differentiates the actual anomalies from the elements of your web applications.

Visual Anomaly Detection

Visually identify any anomalies and errors present in the application

Every test run will be monitored and tracked by taking a screenshot of the step by step execution of the tests. Doing so, helps in identifying any differences or changes in the web application. For instance, if you have removed certain elements from the application or added more elements, can be found out easily using the visual representation. After an extensive comparison between previous test and current test, the tool will immediately detect the changes and notifiy you.

Cross Browser Testing

Format the tests to run across several browsers in parallel.

This feature will allow you to run the tests on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox concurrently. The advantage of cross browser testing is, the facility to reuse the tests across different browsers. This saves a lot of time and also running the tests simultaneously will allow you to compare the execution easily.

Data Driven Testing

Run the tests with several possibilities to improve the test automation. You can run multiple test cases by introducing external data to the tests to see how it impacts the execution and how it improves the way the tests execute.

Comprehensive Test Output

Complete diagnosis, analysis and fixation of errors before it affects the whole application.

Each test executes in a step by step manner. So, it is easy to identify the issues, figure out which step is having troubles. The output is also either recorded or screenshots of each step is collected by the UI Inspector. This is useful as it helps the testers to communicate with the team to discuss about the errors and how to resolve the issues without affecting the entire web application.

Automated UI testing made easier

Cross Browser Testing

The tests can be run across various browsers like Chrome and Firefox simultaneously.

Visual Anomaly Detection

With the help of screenshots, compare the previous and the current test to identify the differences.

Smoke Testing

Quickly identify JavaScript errors, broken links, delay in page loads, and other issues.

Data Driven Testing

You can run tests with differnet permutations by using several different input variables.

Comprehensive Test Output

Visualise all your test results in a single dashboard that can be shared between developers and testers.


Trigger tests automatically after builds from your favorite CI server platforms, or kick off tests via our API.

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