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Mabl Alternative

Ui Inspector is a simple Mabl alternative. Here’s why you should consider switching…

Ui Inspector Vs Mabl

Here’s why Ui Inspector might be a better alternative.

Ui Inspector Mabl
Test recorder
Web Services/API Testing
Visual testing
Web Applications Testing
No-code Testing
Continuous Testing
End to End Testing
Quality Assurance
Analytics Intelligence
Dedicated CSM
Multiple Test Environments
Chrome & Firefox Support
Data-driven Tests
Cross Browser Testing
Real Time Notification
Third-party Tools Integrations
24/7 Support
Live customer support
User & Role management
Drag & Drop
Simplest Way to Test Your App
Simplest Way to Test Your App

Ui Inspector is a powerful, comprehensive tool that provides a better alternative to Mabl, making it easy to automate the testing of various aspects of your program.

  • Check mark Pinpoint where errors in the user interface may lie.
  • Check mark Identify potential problems before they become problems.
  • Check mark Validate the functionality of a design, ensuring that it meets the requirements of the product.
Painless debugging with screenshots and Videos
Painless debugging with screenshots and Videos

An alternative to Mabl with built-in debugging capabilities can offer significant benefits for any development team.

  • Check mark Get the exact line of the code where the error occurs.
  • Check mark Screenshots and videos of test runs are taken to find potential troubleshooting issues.
  • Check mark Easily reproduce errors and make necessary adjustments to their code.
Transform testing with the potential of automation
Transform testing with the potential of automation

The best Mabl alternative that can record scripts to automate your test cases can help increase the accuracy and reliability of your results.

  • Check mark Receive greater accuracy and reliability.
  • Check mark Improved scalability, making it easier to manage more complex tests.
  • Check mark Prevent errors from occurring due to manual mistakes.
Integrate with robust CI/CD and error-tracking software
Integrate with robust CI/CD and error-tracking software

Improved visibility into the development and deployment process allows teams to track progress, identify any issues early on, and focus more on writing code and new features.

  • Check mark Designed to integrate with CI/CD pipelines and facilitate effective bug reporting.
  • Check mark Powerful third-party integrations to facilitate collaboration.
  • Check mark Deploy code changes more frequently and quickly, resulting in a faster release cycle.
Comprehensive support for both test suites and test plans
Comprehensive support for both test suites and test plans

Framework for outlining testing activities and determining the success criteria for a project. Execute multiple tests as part of a larger set of tests, while test plans provide a means to organize and document the tests in detail.

  • Check mark Structured approach to testing, allowing teams to systematically evaluate.
  • Check mark Meet design specifications and expectations.
  • Check mark Configure and customize the test plans and suites.
AI-driven features that speed up your work
AI-driven features that speed up your work

AI-powered testing capabilities, unlike Mabl, can automate certain tasks and make intelligent decisions to help save time and improve efficiency in the testing process.

  • Check mark Analyze the application's code and generate test cases based on its structure and logic.
  • Check mark Prioritize tests based on factors such as code coverage, risk level, and past performance.
  • Check mark Analyze past defects and their causes to predict the likelihood of similar issues occurring in the future.
Ultimately cost-effective Mabl alternative
Ultimately cost-effective Mabl alternative

Looking for an affordable and reliable tool to automate your web application testing? Ui Inspector's got you covered!

  • Check mark Flexible pricing options that fit any budget.
  • Check mark Sign up for our free trial and experience the power of automated testing for yourself.
  • Check mark Starting at $14 per month with 3 page URLs, get your 1 free page URL today.
Top-notch 24/7 customer support whenever you need it
Top-notch 24/7 customer support whenever you need it

Our customer support team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and is committed to delivering a superior customer experience.

  • Check mark All-time customer support to help you with any questions or issues you may have.
  • Check mark Experts available to assist you, in any need of help setting up your tests and debugging an issue.
  • Check mark Guidance on how Ui Inspector works and how to get the most out of our platform.
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