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Effortless Automated Testing at Scale

Ui Inspector simplifies the automation of your testing process by identifying anomalies, detecting errors, and performing parallel testing.

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QA made simple and automated

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Create automated tests with zero code

Create automated tests with zero code

Create tests for your program or website without having to write any code. Handy for people with no programming skills, Simpler for non-technical team members to contribute to the automated testing process.

  • Check mark Interface that is more intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing.
  • Check mark Catch defects early and ensure that your software is functioning as intended.
Cross Browser Testing

Simplest Way to Create test cases

Create and execute tests, and codeless automated tests provide a powerful and straightforward way to develop test cases. Identify and fix defects in the user interface early in the development process, before the product is released to users.

  • Check mark Eliminates the need for developing complex code.
  • Check mark Cost-effective and easy to maintain.
Data Driven Testing

Testing with Flexible Scheduling

Automated tests can be set up to run at specific intervals or triggered by events, such as when a specific input changes or a new feature is released. The process is highly configurable, allowing companies to customize the automated tests based on their needs.

  • Check mark Increases test efficiency and productivity.
  • Check mark Reduce the risk of errors and bugs instantly.
Cross Browser Testing

Automated Cross Browser Testing

Easily verify their website's compatibility with various browsers to quickly address any potential problems and ensure a website is functioning properly on all browsers.

  • Check mark Set your automated tests to run from any geological location, and any browser you want.
  • Check mark Multiple and parallel automated tests, no more people, systems and rooms allocated for testing.
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  • 1M+

Do not start from code. Record, Test, Schedule - It repeats itself.

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The best automation tool to perform functional testing

Without writing scripts, you can test with the Ui Inspector. Schedule when the tests will run each day, and you will be notified when they are completed.

Proactive Testing Proactive Testing

Unstoppable continuous testing can be automated at a convenient time with your site or product.

I recently tried using Ui Inspector for automated testing on our website and I was impressed with its ease of use and the detailed reports it provided. The ability to set up test flows and assertions with just a few clicks saved our team a lot of time and effort. However, I did run into some issues with test stability when running on certain browsers, so I would like to see improvements in that area.

Jonathan S
Jonathan S Program manager
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Automated Ui and API Testing

Unleash the full power of no-code automated testing

Automated testing tools have zero chance of losing concentration or missing recorded actions and can work 24/7.

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