QA made simple and automated.

An easy to use test automation tool that creates tests, performs parallel testing, identifies anomalies, fixes errors and much more.

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Automated Web Testing

Requires little to no time for the maintenance of your web applications.

Simple Test Automation

No more test script writing. With UI Inspector, you can now create automated tests for your Web applications hassle-free.

Auto-Scheduling Tests

As users, you are allowed to schedule your own time to run the tests. You can decide to run it once in every 30 minutes or every hour.

Visual Anomaly Detection

A visual representation in the form of screenshots is taken after each test run, which helps in identifying any discrepancies in the web application.

User-friendly test automation tool to monitor any discrepancies in your application and fix them.

UI Inspector helps in making your application better by performing functional testing to find if any issue prevails in the application and resolves them.

Simple test automation

Create automated functional tests without writing scripts within minutes.

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Auto-scheduling tests

Schedule a preferred time to run the tests and UI Inspector will automatically run the tests and generate the output.

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Regression testing

Includes, identifying the issues or errors in the script, visual disparities and discrepancies and much more.

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Automated UI testing made easier

Cross Browser Testing

The tests can be run across various browsers like Chrome and Firefox simultaneously.

Visual Anomaly Detection

With the help of screenshots, compare the previous and the current test to identify the differences.

Smoke Testing

Quickly identify JavaScript errors, broken links, delay in page loads, and other issues.

Data Driven Testing

You can run tests with differnet permutations by using several different input variables.

Comprehensive Test Output

Visualise all your test results in a single dashboard that can be shared between developers and testers.


Trigger tests automatically after builds from your favorite CI server platforms, or kick off tests via our API.

Start testing your website’s work flows.

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