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Chrome Plugin

Our powerful Chrome extension simplifies the creation of automation tests. With our chrome extension, you can do the following:

  • 1. Record the work flow of your site and save it as a test.

  • 2. Automatically convert the test into scripts.

  • 3. Allows the converted scripts to be run in the same browser or even multiple browsers concurrently.

Finally you can automate the test running in multiple browsers with scheduled intervals.

Automated UI testing made easier

Cross Browser Testing

The tests can be run across various browsers like Chrome and Firefox simultaneously.

Visual Anomaly Detection

With the help of screenshots, compare the previous and the current test to identify the differences.

Smoke Testing

Quickly identify JavaScript errors, broken links, delay in page loads, and other issues.

Data Driven Testing

You can run tests with differnet permutations by using several different input variables.

Comprehensive Test Output

Visualise all your test results in a single dashboard that can be shared between developers and testers.


Trigger tests automatically after builds from your favorite CI server platforms, or kick off tests via our API.

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